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The thing about having a home...

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This is our first night in Munich! We moved again, this time from Hamburg to Munich. We are staying at an AirBnB for two months now, hoping to find a good place very soon. While I was sitting on the train with Matilda today it dawned to me that we don't have a home at the moment. We don't have this place you open the door to and know the smell or every corner of it. Some of our stuff is sold again or on its way down to Munich to be stored away until we have found a place to live.

It seems there are all sorts of ideas of what 'home' is - The place you grew up, or live now as an independent person (however you like it). The place you own or lived longer than a certain amount of time, or the place you have all your stuff at - some like to think it is where the heart is or the people you love. I have to say, I haven't found the answer for this question myself yet...but I guess I like the idea that it gives you some sort of good & comforting feeling. The feeling where you can switch of, relax and being able give people blind orders to find something for you  ...I don't know, I like the idea of having a home and it is what I am really looking to these days. A home where we can start routines again, find places for things where they should be, smell our home-cooked meals when we open the door and spend enough time at that we can see pot plants grow out of their pots in which they were first potted....

Wish us luck that we will soon find a good place for us to live - in order to make a home


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