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Perth - WA

Perth WA // Schorlemädchen Perth WA // SchorlemädchenPerth WA // SchorlemädchenPerth WA // SchorlemädchenPerth WA // SchorlemädchenPerth WA // Schorlemädchen

After surviving the long flight from Germany to Australia we couldn't wait for our first morning walk at the beach. Will's parents don't live far away from Port Beach in Fremantle and go every morning at 6am for a walk to start their day. It is such a wonderful ritual and there are so many people already up doing their exercise at the beach or just come down to have a cup of tea with a mate and a good chat. There is always a wonderful atmosphere not only thanks to the beauty of the ocean itself.
We took Matilda in the 'Kraxe' backpack with us and she really enjoyed her time (even had a nap at the end in there.
I can feel the warmth on my face while looking at these photos and the softness of the sand between my toes, oh and the light, the beautiful light there ..

Fremantle - WA

On a golden Autumn day in Hamburg