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From the market

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These pictures are from a Saturday morning in Sydney a few months back. Our Saturdays back then were so different compare to those these days. We would wake up early, go to the markets, have a coffee, sometimes breakfast at our local cafe, read a book or in the paper and plan the weekend. Back home we would wash and the get the fruit and veggie ready to be stored. So much has changed since then.
Since Matilda is here so many of our routines have changed but somehow quiet a few have remained similar. In the last weeks of getting to know each other we also tried to find out how to go/adjust with/to her flow but also how we could introduce her to some of our little routines. These days we have to be a bit more organized but we still try to all go together to the markets on Saturday morning, sometimes we manage to grab a coffee together and meet up with friends for a nice chat and often go for long walks around the neighbourhood. And sometimes none of these things work out and we just all hang out together on the couch or in bed, which is also quiet nice.

Byron Bay