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Ok, Summer!

Sydney - Camp CoveSydney skyline - Camp CoveSydney - Camp Cove

After going over and over the photos I took in our last weeks in Sydney I decided it is time now to show you some of them. Ok, Summer, here we go. Get ready for some blue skies, sunny weather, bare legs & sandals.

Also, those of you who follow me on Instagram might have already read about some news I am 'carrying' with me close to my heart since the last nine months. We are expecting a little baby to arrive in just a few more weeks (or anytime really). We are so excited and the last months have been really a big whirlwind with moving countries, apartments, getting ready for a all seems a bit crazy and I hope it explains why I have been a bit quiet here on this blog. Hope you are all well x

Sydney - Camp Cove

Bondi - on a sunny Spring day

Jacaranda Trees