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See you later Sydney!


In a few weeks time will we pack up our apartment here in Sydney, say goodbye to dear family & friends and move to the other side of the world! Again. It has been 4,5 amazing years here in Sydney and I am not sure if I have completely processed yet that this is all happening. While writing this my hair is still drying from my early swim, the sun is shining and there is no cloud at the sky. When you followed this blog in the last years you might have seen how special this place is and how fond we are of it. I really do think that Sydney is one of the best places to live. When we tell people about our decision to move we get very often asked why/really/are you sure?

It really is not easy when you call two places home and when those two places are 16,000km away from each other it is particularly hard to keep in touch and be part of people's life you really care about. We realize that we will always be in the situation to leave people & things we love behind us but at the same time we feel very privileged to call Australia and Germany our home. How lucky are we!? But you know, nothing is forever & it is important to be flexible and be open for new ideas and plans and that is what we are trying to do. We are excited to being back in Europe again and look forward to being closer to family and friends we have only seen a few times since I moved here, to more traveling and me speaking a bit more German. :)

Weekend Food Shopping

A walk in the the Royal National Park