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Mina-no-ie - A cafe in Melbourne

UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled Cafe Mina-no-ie is one of these places I could spend all day. On our trip to Melbourne we went one morning for breakfast. We just sat there with the beautiful light coming through the big windows, the conversations here and there, watched how the staff prepared the food in the open kitchen and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. I had a delicious toasted piece of fruit toast with ricotta, honey & nutmag and some green tea. I had already taken some photos of this place a few years back but now they got a wonderful corner with magazines and zines and Cecilia Fox is showing some pots in the most wonderful way.

Go and check it out when you happen to be in Melbourne.

 > Have a look at Trixi's wonderful Copenhagen photos and Mel's sunrise in Sydney. I am always amazed how much inspiration and a feeling of happiness photographs can give me.

A few more from Melbourne

Mr Kitly in Melbourne