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Days off

On the table

The Easter break has been so good and needed. On days off I usually wake up particularly early, as if my body realizes that there are whole days which I can fill with things I like to do and wakes me up to really early hours. After the first cool Autumn days in the last week the warmer weather came back for the long weekend. On Good Friday we drove to Coogee and went to Wylies Baths. I ran out of film (35mm) and thought I had some frames left in the medium format camera I found at the flea market many months ago. I walked around and took photos of people reading & relaxing, those who went for for a swim or had ice cream, of lifeguards looking out to the sea and the pool and just some shades which got created by the sun that day. Later at home I found out that the film must have already been full and all the images I took weren't really captured anywhere but in my head.

Today after work I went for a swim and on my way back home the sun was setting in one of those beautiful ways. The sky appeared in all sorts of red and pink colours. It was beautiful. 

We are off to Melbourne for a few days tomorrow. It's been a long time since I went last and I can't wait to explore parts of the city! Maria

A city bush walk I

Morning swims in Perth