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Lots of food & a drink


I got a roll of film back and noticed all the random food photos I took lately. (and also one of Will's drink at his birthday dinner). It is getting Autumn here, v e r y slowly though as it is still over 25C and sunny but officially its Autumn and I look forward for the change in the produce and colder days (hopefully still sunny :)

I hope you all had a great weekend. I did a weaving class yesterday and I am really excited about this craft. Will hopefully be able to show you some results after I am done with my first project soon

Have a great start into the new week,

PS for those who are curious :)
#1 roasted beetroot & yoghurt spread
#2 cous cous with herbal paste
#3 a Christmas lunch feast
#4 Ottolenghi meatballs (amazing receipe!!)
#5 an untidy kitchen
#6 Americano
#7 Quinoa salad with avocado
#8 just cooking

Sydney is green

A walk in the rain