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Early morning by the sea

A Saturday morning swimA Saturday morning swimA Saturday morning swimA Saturday morning swimA Saturday morning swimA Saturday morning swim

Last Saturday we woke up early & got up straight away, put on our swimming stuff, brushed our teeth and left the house with wild hair and towels underneath our arms to go for a swim. We don't have a car but have signed up for one of these care sharing things a few weeks back and it is so nice to have a bit more flexibility and to being able to go for a swim just like that. It was early and a cloudy yet a warm Saturday morning. We got a paper for Will on the way and I brought my camera with me. We were sitting by the pool for a little while reading and watching the sea and a group of elderly men and women while they went for their morning swim ...There were not so many people there yet and it was so quiet and peaceful and such a nice mood...

It is officially Autumn but the days are still quite warm and the ocean is still 'carrying' some of the heat of the last weeks of Summer in it so we are trying to go for a few more swims before it gets to cold. I love the feeling of going slowly into the water and to feel the fresh salty sea water all over me when I (eventually) dive in.

We have been to this ocean pool  so many times during the year and it is different ever single time we go. It never gets boring to see how much joy it gives people to swim there.


A walk in the rain

Warm colours