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Light leak


Sometimes when I pick up a roll of film from the lab and I look at the thumbnails overview to get an idea of the results it happens that I can already see some light leaks on a few images. It can make me nervous if a capture I looked forward to seeing could be 'trumped' by a leak. However, sometimes the leaks just turn out so nicely and make the photo even more special as the story I wanted to tell you can't see properly and your own imagination will start wondering what you see.

A few things I am excited about...

> Today as I took the day off to spend the whole day with my sister who is visiting
Elizabeth's new knitted pieces
> The new Arcade Fire album Reflektor which will get released soon

Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments on my give-away post. It is still open till Sunday, make sure to enter it. It made me so happy to read all the comments from people from all over the world who come and visit this space here.

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