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General Store - Venice

General Store VeniceGeneral Store VeniceGeneral Store VeniceGeneral Store VeniceGeneral Store VeniceGeneral Store Venice

The General Store in Venice is, like its sister shop in San Francisco, very beautiful. The selection of things which they sell there seem to fit together so perfectly There are so many corners with little plant pots standing on the ground or hanging from the ceiling, beautiful ceramics - woodfired or with beautiful patterns, selected vintage clothes, magazine..and so many other things. It is just one of these stores you want to make sure to check out when you are in the city.

We are back from our trip over a month now and it seems so far away already when I look at all these photos. Is it really June already this weekend, I wonder where are all the weeks this year went to so far.

I am so thankful to have this space here, it keeps me sometimes sane in very busy times, to just show you some photos, to read your comments to get inspired by finding new blogs...

I will show you soon some more recent photos from a hike in the Blue mountains and other things I did...I have many ideas and wish to be soon on my way to make them real so I can show you...


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