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On the plate

Christmas Eve Lunch
Christmas Eve Lunch
Making sandwiches
Making sandwiches
Making sandwiches
Dinner time
Avo toast

Food here in Australia is amazing! You can get such great, fresh produce, especially now in Summer. One of my all-year favourites is an avocado toast but even this simple dish you can get in all sorts of varieties: on different sorts of sourdough w/ ricotta/lemon, coriander/chili or just with fresh sweet tomatoes and rocket .... and always w/ olive oil salt and pepper.

#1 Christmas Eve Lunch
#2 baked beans w/ fennel, chili and parsley
#3-5 making sandwiches (harissa w/ rocket/raddishes & avocado w/ salami/cheddar)
#6 Ottolenghi inspired dinner
#7 sourdough toast, ricotta, avocado, tomato and rocket w/ lemon

Swimming in Pools

2013 - a new year