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2013 - a new year

Summer in Sydney
Summer in Sydney
Summer in Sydney
Summer in Sydney
Summer in Sydney
Summer in Sydney

The new year is already some days old and everything is slowly getting back into the swing of things. I am a bit sad that the holidays are already over as I could have easily spend some more days with swimming in the ocean, eating lots of stone fruits, reading on the couch, having afternoon naps, crafting on little projects or hanging out with friends.....  Apart from enjoying this beautiful Summer by being outside a lot I also really like to be at home. I especially enjoy the different light which seems to wander between the rooms.

I was thinking lately if I should get my digital camera out again in order to being able to show the results of my weekend photo excursions more promptly? I haven't really decided yet ....what do you think?

I am excited for the new year...there will be some the end of the month we will be in Tasmania again and I really look forward to it as we had such a great time when we went last.

I also worked on a little project in November and will be able to tell you more about it in a couple of weeks time. I am quiet excited to talk about it and to show you the results....

Have a good start into the new year....

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