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Cornersmith Cornersmith I had such a nice birthday last Saturday. I wished to have lunch at the cafe Cornersmith and so we went. Cornersmith is a beautiful cafe in Marickville, a neighbourhood here in Sydney. The food there is amazing, not only do they have their own bees on the roof to make honey, they also preserve a lot of fruit and vegetables which they use for their dishes in the cafe and also mainly use local produce. Every meal I had there so far was amazing. And it is one of these places where you look out for what the people on the tables next to you eat to make sure to try this next time. I hope you all had some nice holidays...It was raining here on Christmas day which was a great reason to read, sleep and eat a lot.... :) I really like the days 'between the years' and look forward to spending them quietly with not having lots of plans....maybe just some swims here and there, some good food and maybe collecting ideas for projects for the new year.

'between the years'