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Summer in SydneySummer in Sydney
Summer in Sydney
Summer in Sydney
Summer in Sydney
Summer in Sydney

These are some photos of the last two weeks.

Summer is so beautiful here in Sydney. You can sometimes forget about this during the mild Winters here but Summer is really something else. There is so much great produce at the markets (already looking forward to making fresh basil pesto tonight) the light of the sun, the colours of bushes and trees, this special summer scent which is in the air and just the fact that the beach or pools are so easy to reach for a quick dip into the water is so great.

We went to many swims over the holidays. The day before christmas day when we reached the Bronte rock pool quiet early in the morning the light of the sun was hitting the sea in this beautiful way (pic # 5) that I just stood there and had to watch it for some minutes. But also when I jumped into the cold water and felt the fresh, salty sea water all over me (it still takes me to count till 3 until i jump into the water) all I felt was happiness.

2013 - a new year