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Hamburg - A weekend

Mutterland lunch / Hamburg
Mutterland lunch / Hamburg
Cafe tide
Friends / Hamburg
Elbe Hamburg

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. We really had such a great day with wonderful people around us, good food and some boogies - just how we wanted it. When I started planning I decided somehow not to write so much about the wedding here as it sometimes took over so much of my time anyway with preparing, crafting and all these things. But maybe there will be some more photos in the next weeks....

My six weeks here in Europe are coming to an end and on Monday I will fly back to Sydney. The last two weeks we spent in Italy but more about this soon.

Here are some more photos from our weekend in Hamburg in the beginning of July. 
Hope you are all well.

Another dinner - in the same garden

Guess what we did yesterday ....