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Food and a morning swim

Frittata fresh from the pizza oven
Easter lunch
Cheese buns
Morning swim - WA

It is a public holiday today here in Australia. I woke up super early, the sun just rose and beautiful light in my room. I really like the feel of a public holidays. I got ready and went out for a walk, got fresh caraway bread for a picnic later on, had a coffee at my favorite cafe and read in the new apartmento magazine. Such a good start for a day - and now off to a picnic with friends.

Here are some random photos from Easter - Fresh frittata from the pizza oven and my easter lunch plate with a piece of pumpkin which looks like a cloud (#1/2), me having a afternoon snack - radish and bread (#3), self-made swiss cheese buns (#4), the dog (#5), a beautiful, beautiful morning swim (#6).

A wonderful version of Midlake's Roscoe


Autumn colors

A magazine