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A Sunday routine

Swim at the Andrew Boy Charlton
Out for a swim

A Summer Sunday routine

#1 Snack before my swim
#2/3/4 On my way to the pool
#5/6 At the pool
#7 Breakfast at my favorite place
#8 Hi!

Thank you so much for all you wonderful comments on my last post. The street name is McElhone Place in Surry Hills.

I had the pleasure to go to two wonderful concerts this week. On Tuesday I saw Ryan Adams in an acoustic concert at the Opera House and he played two hours and I was impressed by his voice and how funny he actually is. On Thursday I saw a Small Club, a band from Sheffield. It was really really good and I loved that they started their set with this Pulp cover. Another pretty song and video is Two Cousins

Happy Sunday!


Some left....

A street in Sydney