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Hotel Claska - Tokyo

Hotel Claska Tokyo
Hotel Claska
beautiful vases, bowls, cups Hotel Claska
Colours and shapes
View from the rooftop
Hiki on the rooftop
Sunny day in Tokyo

During my days in Tokyo I was very often fascinated by the simple design of things, such as houses, gardens, ceramics.... and I often wished I had more space in my suitcases to bring many of these beautiful things with me.

Hiki showed me one of the places, filled with wonderful Japanese craft and design - Hotel Claska. I can only highly recommend to visit this place or even stay a couple of nights in one of their hotel rooms. It is not only a hotel and cafe but also has a shop on one of the hotels' levels with beautifully designed things. Hiki and I decided that this is a place where you would like to move in right away! Your eyes are just dragged from one corner to the next enjoying all the things so well put together. I got a beautiful plate and a tea cup which was designed by Akira Minagawa from the label Mina Perhonen. Hiki also showed me their first shops in Tokyo which are only a bus ride away from Hotel Claska. The interior design of these shops and the clothes themselves just blew me away. So so inspiring, we were even lucky as Akira Minagawa himself was in one of the stores talking to the customers.

Well, after we had spent some time at the Claska shop we went up on their rooftop to have a look over the city. It was cold but the sun was shining and you could look pretty far. We also saw a video shoot on one of the neighbor rooftops.


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