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Hello Tokyo 1+2

Tokyo Day 1
Louise Bourgeois
Ramen Ippudo
Ramen Tokyo
Tokyo Omotesando
Tokyo Shibuya

On my way back from Germany to Sydney I had the chance to stop over in Tokyo for a couple of days to work from there and also explore the city which I wanted visit for a long time and about which I have heard so many great things.
I had the afternoons and the weekend to explore this amazing place and could still fill weeks to see more lovely corners, places and shops and most of all eat the great food.
The weather was quiet cold but I was lucky and always had a sunny and blue sky above me. Prepared with layers of warm clothes, mittens, woolen scarf, hat and two cameras was I exploring a few of the many suburbs here in Tokyo.
After I landed on Wednesday I went straight to work and was blown away by the view I had from the 28th floor in the office. I just couldn't see an end of the city.
I was pretty tired from my flight so all I managed to do after this day was to get a great bowl of ramen soup at a place I got recommended by a local, it was soo simple but delicious - real soul food.

I will soon show you more images and also hope I get my analog photos quickly developed as soon as I will be back in Sydney. (Sad thing was that the good old pentax was acting a bit weirdly fingers crossed that the images turn out ok - especially from today which was the nicest day I had here in Tokyo especially because I spend it with the wonderful Hiki who showed me her favorite places here in Tokyo.

To be continued :)


Tokyo 2

A new year - be calm