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Corners from the new place

Cafe across the road
black and white
Paper Art
Bed side

You know when you move into a new place it is a bit like having a white piece of paper in front of you. You can arrange your space totally new add bits here and there, pin up different things to the wall and make it your home. I moved into a small room in a shared house last Sunday (only for a couple of months) and I am still in the process of making it my new home.

It is a nice room gets great light, which was very important to me and has trees in front of it. At the moment I am getting used to this new place, its noises and sounds, such as cracking floor boards or light reflections on the wall when its getting dark.
On Saturday morning I woke up and thought I could smell coffee from the little cafe across the road, I was hearing the sound of cups on tables and chats from the distance. It was a very nice sound ....

I am off to Perth tomorrow and will fly home to Germany on Sunday.
Can't wait.

A couple of things I liked and saw this week.
>> this video
>< this song makes me happy
<< a breathtaking beautifully video about Iceland

Fremantle Western Australia

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