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Tasmania day 4/5

East Coast Tasmania
East Coast Tasmania
East Coast Tasmania
East Coast Tasmania
East Coast Tasmania
Last morning in Hobart
Last morning in Hobart
Cafe Hobart

Every trip comes to an end. I had a bit of an extended trip after being at the airport on Monday morning and realizing that I had booked the pm and not the am flight. Well, as some airlines can't easily move you onto a different flight and you rather need to buy a new ticket we stayed the whole Monday in Hobart and enjoyed our extra day there. I bought a new book and we were sitting in cafes reading.

#1/3 On Sunday we drove back to Hobart along the east coast of Tasmania and it was stunning, so many great beaches. The weather was changing hourly so we had rain, sunshine, fog, clouds...
#4 This is how the beautiful water looks like when the sun was shining
#5 We drove and suddenly everything was so blue, I needed to stop and take a picture
#6 I woke up by the sunrise on Monday morning
#7 Reading in a cafe after I booked the wrong flight. It is in fact the cafe you see on my prior post from outside

This is the last post of analog photos from my Tasmania trip. Thanks so much for all your great comments. It is a magical place down there, if you have the chance to go, I would highly recommend it. Its beautiful!


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