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Tasmania Day 2

Bruny Island / Tasmania
Making bread Tasmania
Woodfired Bread on Bruny Island / Tasmania
Bruny Island / Tasmania
Bruny Island / Tasmania
Getting cheese
Bruny Island / Tasmania
Bruny Island Tasmania
Jackman & McRoss bakery Hobart
Jackman & McRoss bakery Hobart

On the second day we drove to Bruny Island which was a bit of the highlight of the whole trip for me. It is an hour south of Hobart and after we missed the first ferry I am glad we didn't drive further but waited to enter this wonderful island and discover it. Some bits of Tasmania somehow reminded me to Ireland and Sweden maybe because the weather is a lot cooler than on the mainland and also because of the wonderful green fields, trees and bushes. What I remember is: the fresh air/wood-fired bread, sheeps, fog, lonely beaches, walnut orchards, green trees and bushes, black swans, apples, reading book, fresh oysters.....


A wonderful cover song for you.

Tasmania day 2/3

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