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Tasmania Day 1

Cafe Pigeon Hole Hobart
Cafe Pigeon Hole Hobart
Cafe Pigeon Hole Hobart
Cafe Pigeon Hole Hobart
Mona Museum
Tasmania Mt Wellington

I am back from my trip to Tasmania. Such wonderful five days I had there, with lots of good food (oh the oysters and cheese), wine, pretty little cafes, stunning nature and time...time to be outside, finish a book and just be.

Here are some images from the first day which we started at the wonderful Pigeon Hole cafe, I wanted to take a photo of every corner there, they are baking their own bread and you can see on one of the images how they store the wood fired bread loafs in a bag next to the counter a sack of flour underneath it. I had one of the best sourdough bread with honey there! (I managed to get a jar of this wonderful honey later that day)
After that we drove to the infamous Mona museum which was great, some bids reminded me to the Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen. It was very cloudy that day but the light was just wonderful. And after we left the museum it had cleared up and we tried our luck and drove up to Mountain Wellington to have a look over Hobart. See the last picture - the view was just breathtakingly beautiful.

Ill have some more photos to share with you...

>> The new apartmento is out and I hope I can get my hands on this issue. It is one of my favorite issues.
>> I also got my copy of 3191 Quarterly and let me tell you how stunning it is. It is my favorite Quarterly so far - so well done

Tasmania Day 2