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my breakfst
quinoa salad + avo bread
ready for the minestrone
soaked muesli

Summer is here. It was 30C today and I celebrated a friends birthday with a nice picnic in a park. Summer also means lots of great fresh fruits and veggies...

#1 Maria's breakfast (this time with fresh watermelon)
#2 Quinoa salad with toasted sourdough, goats cheese and lemon
#3 A bag full of veggie goodies - ready to make a great minestrone
#4 Bananas have been very expensive for the last couple of months. After a cyclone destroyed big parts of the banana harvest. Now they are back and we enjoy them a lot
#5 Cheating on my breakfast (#1) and having the best soaked muesli w/ yoghurt & fresh fruits and rhubarb compote

>< I love this video, it gives me goosebumps every single time I watch it.
>>< This song is beautiful, don't you think



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