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Poppies & Spring

Our new favorite Spring salad
Fog Linen catalogue
Fog Linen catalogue
The branches are getting green
In the neighborhood
Spring Sky

A beautiful Spring weekend it was. We made a wonderful Spring salad yesterday and I think it will be my favorite salad next to this salad which we made a lot last Summer. It was so good that I can't wait to make it again...What else did I do. We were sitting in the sun, reading newspaper, letting the time go by, I was waking up early this morning and finished a book while I could see with the bright sun coming throughout that it was a beautiful day outside. After a an afternoon walk in our neighborhood I decided to get some Spring home with me and got some poppies. I can't wait until they all show their full colors.

#1 Best Spring salad!
Quinoa/carrot/radish/cos salad/spring onions/fennel/feta/mint/coriander/parsley/lemon dressing with self made hummus and matzah bread
#2 colors in the apartment
#3/4 inspiration from the fog linen catalogue
#5 You can see some of the bold trees putting on their green 'dress'
#6 Poppies
#7/8 In the neighborhood
#9 Spring in the apartment

Did you all have a wonderful weekend? What did you do?

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