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And suddenly it's Spring

In the neighborhood
Evening Light
It's getting Spring here

Today was the first day I was wearing sandals. Spring is here. You can smell it when you open the windows and you can feel the sun getting warmer when it shines on your skin. It is wonderful.
I was out with my camera yesterday and today and captured the foggy weather during lunch time and the beautiful evening sun from a friends balcony. We went to the movies to finally watch Beginners - what a beautiful movie.

I liked the part of the roof in the third image, I thought it is such a great pattern of rusty colors. If I could just have a closer look ....

Some trees have these 'pom pom' looking fruits hanging from their brunches. I am quiet fascinated by them and think they are beautiful.

You can see rhubarb in one of the images....I made some compote out of it this morning for our breakfast for this week...but I will show you soon more.


I made rhubarbe compote this morning, I will show you some images from it soon...