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Cafés & Patterns

Café Clipper Glebe
Bookstore café Glebe
Pattern and fabric
Liberty Pattern
Sale scores
Café Room 10
such great sandwiches we had there

A wonderful weekend is coming to its end. Autumn feels beautiful here in Sydney.

#1 Spending the morning with friends at Glebe markets
#2 Café Clipper in Glebe
#3 Bookstore and Café in one - always a great combination
#4 We walked through Balmain trying to find the little fabric store I had a voucher for and where I got
#5 this fabric for the Jenny's beautiful tank top which I will sew very soon
#6 Some sale finds
#7/8/9 A tiny café in our neighbourhood which makes amazing sandwiches. It is so great to have a good café close by

How was your weekend.

A beautiful song for you.



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