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Crafting & Mandarins

Pouch I made and things I got from the Finders Keepers Market
The Paper Mill - Sydney
A screen print try
Paul Klee's sailing boats
I love mandarines at the moment
Mandarines & Print

The screen-printing class on Saturday was wonderful...I learnt a lot, but will be a lot more prepared next time and hopefully have the chance soon to try out a bit more things to print was interesting to see how much effort and patient it actually needs to create a perfect print on a piece of fabric...

Do you know when you sign up for classes and you are so excited and have all these things in mind, which you would like to make that you forget that you actually need to learn first how to do it and also that not the first attempts turn out to be amazing...Well, I was lucky that Kate reminded me, have a look at the tea towel she made here.

#1 My little sketch book
#2 A bit unrelated but these are the things I got at the Finders Keepers market last week (I made the first pouch for myself)
#3 Waiting for the class to begin eating mandarines
#5 the work space
#6 I got a Paul Klee book at the flea market in Hamburg the other day and we used some of the drawings for our prints
#7 Hmm, just the smell of them ...I can't remember when I ever ate mandarins in June, but they fit perfectly to the rainy weather here in Sydney.
#8 mandarines everywhere

Have a great start into the week.


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