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7 things

7 things

Nicole tagged and asked me to tell you seven things you don't know about me....well, I am sure there are many things you don't are a couple I thought of...

- I used to play the trumpet for many years, I remember how I loved to play the second voice - I sometimes really miss playing an instrument and still have many melodies in my head. I would love to be able to play the clarinet, it can be such a happy and sad instrument
- My older brother and I had these kids fights about everything when we were little, one day I kicked him so badly that I broke my foot
- I didn't like to eat raw tomatoes for a long long time...but now I just love the smell of the first fresh tomatoes in Summer
- When I am really cold it can happen that I sleep with my wool hat as I just love to have a warm head
- I never had long hair - ever! (when I was little many people thought I was a boy)
- I was quiet a wild student in school and my parents often got calls from my teachers back then due to my behavior :) (which is now a lot better)
- In the last years I felt that I get more and more the need to create things. It gives me so much joy to sew, knit, do any sorts of crafting
- Also that I was living in big cities the last couple of years, I am a nature person at heart

actually these were 8 things about me you might have not known......

A good Wednesday to all of you...



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