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Coffee at Bill's
It looks like Autumn, but it is Summer here in Sydney
Open window
In my favourite french bakery
Light at the Kinokuniya bookstore
It worked. The pentax I got at the flea market works and I am really excited about this very different experience. It makes me leaving my digital camera at home for a while....and wander around with the pentax showing it my favourite parts of the the city. Somehow the pictures feel a bit more special as it took a while to actually see them and hold them in my hands and think about the moment I actually took the picture.
Like when I was at the great Japanese Kinokuniya bookstore, when suddenly this great light was shining in....or in the French bakery, which is in our neighbourhood and sells brioche only Fridays and Saturdays and I can smell its wonderful mouthwatering bakery smell already meters away.
I have a couple of more pictures, which I will show you soon.


Pentax at home

Let's talk about breakfast