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Sufjan Stevens at the Sydney Opera House
Sufjan Stevens at the Sydney Opera House

Oh Sufjan.
I am so glad I got my hands on tickets for the Sufjan Stevens show at the Sydney Opera House last Friday. It was mind-blowing. Amazing. I really loved every second of it. Not just that the wonderful Owen Pallett played as suport-act, but the whole atmosphere in the opera house was just full of excitement and it was so great to hear his new songs live, especially Impossible Soul, I was blown away...The funny thing was that Will also got his hands on tickets (we both wanted to surprise each other) and so we saw him on Thursday and Friday. Well, if you have the chance to see him, please go, it is so worth it. so worth it. I felt like a little kid when the last song he played was Chicago and when the first seconds of the song started and suddenly all the ballons came down from the ceiling, it was magic.

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