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Everleigh Markets
Everleigh Markets
some nice Australian flowers
coffee and newspapers on a Saturday afternoon
Hi everyone,
I hope you are having a lovely weekend....

#1 We got up early on Saturday morning and went to the Eveleigh Farmers Market in Redfern - i
#2 The markets are next to the heritage listed Eveleigh Railyards
#3/4 it is a wonderful market with over 80 stalls offering amazing vegetables, fruits, breads, flowers and all sorts of other things. It is also a great mixture of people, who go there an it is just fun to stroll around, try some goats cheese here or drink some fresh juice there. Just wonderful to start a Saturday.
#5 I got those wonderful flowers and I look at them right now. They are so exotic to me. Just like many other plants I see and smell here in Australia
#6 After we we came back we had a nice coffee and were reading in our newspapers. I got a German one of a friend the other day, which I was very excited about to read
#7/8/9 Later I took the Lavendar I got at the markets and made little bundles, which I put up to let them dry. I a couple of weeks I will get the dry blossoms and start a little project with them :^)

It was a very humid week this week here in Sydney and on Tuesday I decided to get my hair cut shorts again. I always used to have short hair but I started to let it grow since mid 2009. Now they are short again and I am quiet happy with it. I have the feeling I am just a short-hair girl :^)

Hope you are all well

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