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I love apricots
Cards for Christmas
Summer juice

It is already Monday morning here and 20°C...and I just had a quick chat to my family, who told me about all the snow back home. It is sometimes weird to realise that I am in the opposite season right now than everyone at home.

A Summer weekend lies behind me. We got up at 7am on Saturday to go for a swim in Bondi. The water was 16°C and when I ran inside it felt like needles all over me. It was quiet refreshing though and nice to get dry from the not-so-hot morning sun while sitting at the beach.

#1 On our way to Elizabeth Bay we passed that house and I just imagined the amazing view they must have from their balcony
#2 my favourite tiles and a hand :)
#3 We had a very little picnic
#4 At the farmers market, I love apricots
#5 Before we leave the flat this is what I see
#6 Some crafting for Christmas
#7 A fresh juice on a Sunday morning

How are you? I realize how much I enjoy swimming lately, either early in the morning or just when the sun is about to go down in the evenings......



On the weekend