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In the West

Christmas Day Breakfast
In the Garden
in the morning
Swimming in the evening and
One of the nice books I got
A dress I would like to sew
Making pizza in the pizza oven
best breakfast
In The Garden

I hope you all had a wonderful time over the last couple of days.
We are in Perth since last Friday and celebrated Christmas with Will's family. It is so relaxing to have some time off and to spend it with all things I would like to do, like reading, sewing or just hanging out or swims in the sea. It is so warm here in Fremantle and I experienced my very first 40°C day yesterday! Oh what a heat it was. It is a little weird for me to imagine that back home everyone seems to be covered in snow.
This was the first year I celebrated Christmas on the 25th and not on the 24th, which is the day on which the Germans usually celebrate Christmas. It is so beautiful here with all all the great bright sunlight and the warm weather, but of course I was also thinking of home, my family and friends and all the traditions, which come to my mind when I think of the Christmas holidays.

Well, here are a few pictures of my last couple of days.....

#1 Our breakfast on Christmas day, getting up early in the morning, giving each other presents
#2/3 and sitting in the garden, reading and hanging out...
#4 Going for a swim early in the morning and
#5 in the evening
#6 This is one of the wonderful books I got and I would love to sew this dress out of it.
#7 Making pizzas in the pizza oven
#8 Having afternoon naps
#9 Wonderful breakfasts (I should one day write a post about the breakfast ritual I have since a year or so)
#10 Enjoying this wonderful tree in the garden, which leaves glow when the sun is shining on them
#11/12 Beautiful light everywhere

Thank you so much for all your lovely wishes for my birthday. It was a really nice and sunny day in Sydney and I enjoyed my first warm birthday...


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