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And suddenly it is December

At Finders Keepers
At Finders Keepers
Flea market find

It was the first of December this week and it made me find a nice place for the advent calendar I made last year and which I brought with me from Hamburg...

I was quiet excited the whole week, because the Finders Keepers market took place this weekend. They opened their doors on Friday night and I catched up with a friend to have a look at all the beautiful, handmade stuff, people were selling there. Unlimited craftiness and pure joy for the eyes. I really didn't know where to look first and felt like a kid in a candy shop. The venue, an amazing space housed in the Everleigh Rail Yards was so great decorated with its over 75 artists, many workshops and bands playing.

On Saturday we woke up quiet early to get ready for the Everleigh Farmers' Markets, which happen to be right next to the place where the Finders Keepers markets is, so I had an excuse to go again. :) I was again walking through the stalls and was amazed by all the beautiful creative ideas and products...I could have bought so many things but stopped myself a bit and just got a gorgeous pair of earrings and some pretty handprinted paper cards and prints. They were my two favourite stalls and I kept coming back again and again, looking at their stuff.

The farmers' market was also quiet good and somehow reminded me to the Borough Markets in London, also that it is not really as big as these markets, but the whole feeling was the same. We lined up for the most amazing Chinese pancakes, which were made by Kylie Kwong, a Sydney-based chef. The wait was so worth it, they were so good and reason enough to come back to the markets more often.

After those two markets we made our way to Surry Hills, I was looking for a 50's/60's dress for an upcoming Christmas party. I didn't take any pictures as I was too busy to look at all the dresses at the flea market there and I was very lucky because I found a really nice dress for just 10$.

What a great Saturday.


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