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Sewing projects
Sewing projects
Sewing projects
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Brooklyn Diary

Yesterday on my walk into the city I saw this cat sitting on the street, getting her back warmed by the sun. Later when I was waiting for the train, I realized this stripe of brightness across of me and thought that somehow those two images fit together...

Anyways, I wanted to show you a few of the things I made the last couple of weeks. Most of them are gifts for friends.
#1 a passport bag for a friend who is going to travel soon
#2 a really small clutch bag :)
#3 a bag for friend with a huge cd collection, you put the cd case in the bag while you are playing the cd
#4 because I like triangles ;)

Well and I also wanted to share the small pile of books and magazines I collected recently. The Brooklyn diary came yesterday, and it is such a beautiful book, full of amazing pictures and inspirations. It made me wish to go to Brooklyn right away. I am sure I will go through it many, many times.

Hope you are all well,

in the city