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The green house
Hard work
I found this chair on the street
One of the little bags I made
On of the little bags I made
I just like green and this light rose colour
Eatable berries on the street
Pattern Inspiration
Single Origin Café - best coffee
Just look up
Goat cheese sandwich -- hm

Here are a few images from my last two days.

#1-4 I was out for a walk in Elizabeth Bay - saw a great house wearing a 'green eyemask' and a cobweb which looked like it was lots of work:) Walking there I stumbled over a nice wooden chair, standing there with all sorts of other stuff ready to end up in the trash. I took it with me, cleaned it, oiled the wood and put new fabric on it. I already love it.

# 5/6 I also wanted to show you two of the little bags I made for friends. They are so easy to make and it is so much fun to put fabric together and sew it.

# 7/8 I like how those two images sort of fit together. They look so much like Spring. The rich green, brown and light pink. I saw this tree full with berries today, the berries will turn darker and you can actually eat them. You just need to be faster than the birds.

9-12 A few more shots I took around Surry Hills. If you are in Sydney, make sure you have a coffee at Single Origin. They roast their own beens and you can really taste it. Such good coffee.

#13 A snack I just made. I am trying to track down a store here at which you could actually buy goat cheese with a rind.

How are you this week?
// Maria

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