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Of clouds and bikes

Cloudsme at Gaffa Gallery
Gaffa Café
Hotel Hollywood
Dots on bike

What a busy week, but well there was enough time to go out for walks and look up and
#1 see a great sky
#2 and to go the great Arcade Project in the Gaffa Gallery
#3 and having a really good coffee there, too.
##4-7 browsing through Surry Hills

Living in Hamburg for a long while, seeing bikes everywhere and riding a bike every day is something I really miss here in Sydney. It seems cars are not used to look for bikes which makes it quiet dangerous to bike around here. Well, but one cycleway got just built so I keep my hopes up that one day I will get out of the house, unlock my bike and just ride it ....

I am happy that you also quiet liked Sarah Illenbergs work. I just saw that her apartment
is shown together with an interview with her on this beautiful blog.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend....


Sarah's work