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trees on the street
A great bookstore in Surry Hills
Vivid is the word I learned this week.
I think there is not one day at which I am not picking up new words or expressions -- and here in Australia especially shortenings of words.
'Brekky' for breakfast, 'barbie' for BBQ or 'telly' for TV I think is something you could guess but 'ambo' for ambulance, 'salvo' for Salvation Army or 'ta' for thanks create sometimes a bit of a confused glance on my face ... :)

It was a really nice Spring day today. I was out for a walk...felt the sun on my face, saw many shadows, stumbled over the amazing shelf/life store in Surry Hills and saw a hairdresser I could imagine going to when I need to ...

#1 Trees on the street
#2 House in the sky
#3 Tokyo Bike
#4 Again I know ;)
#5 A great facade of a house in Surry Hills
#6 '52 Frack'
#7 I passed this really great arts book store...they have such a great assortment of books. I saw a Japanese book about Nordic design with the most beautiful images. I am thinking of getting it...such a pity that I can't read it.
#8 Some sun and turquoise
#9 '55'

How was your week so far...?