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freckeled sky
You know they have such wonderful doorsteps in Sydney
Everywhere shadows...
tiles again
a play of sun and shadow
Surry Hills
Café Sonoma

I feel the need to walk walk walk...
To go out and explore, to take new ways or just enter little paths which look inviting...To get lost and find ways which seem familiar again...Here are a few shots from my last days...
#1 me
#2-8 walking
#9 We buy our bread from the wonderful bakery Sonoma which also has a few nice cafés here. I will take a picture of the amazing cinnamon pastry they make. It was gone too fast ... so next time : )
#10 It was raining all day on Tuesday and I was baking chocolate-apricot-cookies

I look forward to tomorrow when the Young Blood Design Market is taking place here for the weekend...

and guess what...I am ready to leave the house now for a long walk again...

Have a wonderful day


A weekend

Another day, another walk