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Another day, another walk

A bench in the Winter sun...
Hey Sydney, it's me...Maria
disco window..I smiled when I saw this
A spottet heart.... <3
A beautiful pool....
blurry...but still remarkable
in the Botanic Gardens..
I really need to take care when I cross the streets here...Or remember just look the exact other way you are used to : )
A few images from my four hours walk to and through the Botanic Gardens yesterday. I really enjoyed walking in there..and it seems surreal to me when at some point I suddenly saw the Opera House in front of me....It still has this postcard - image to me if you know what I mean...
There is lots to explore here...I wander around and look and see and enjoy...

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. They really mean a lot ... and it is great to get to know a few of you who I haven't 'met' before : )

I wish you a wonderful weekend


#1 a bench and its shadow
#2 Hi Sydney, it's me...and wearing my red wool hat
#3 I know..another one of the feet images...I like these tiles which you see a lot here
#4 'disco' window
#5 A heart in the window
#6 ...
#7 four here...
#8 a pool, which seemed so pretty to me and calm
#9 blurry opera house
#10 green in the gardens
#11 the flying foxes the biggest bats hanging in the trees of the Botanic Gardens. Will says they look like huge bats wearing leather jackets : )
#12 so colourful
#13 I think the people here see that I am from Europe just how I enter the street. Most of the times I look into the wrong direction
#14 The leaf was lying on the street in front of our apartment. I think it looks like a mouth


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