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100 and the first days

Fratelli Fresh
It feels more late Summer to me than Winter
It feels more late Summer to me than Winter
Elizabeth Bay
It was a very warm Winter day in Sydney on Sunday
I have it in my hands
Surry Hills
Trees on a wall
Surry Hills
Surry Hills Pattern

I just realized that my first post from Sydney is also my 100st post here on Schorlemädchen.
What a coincidence that with moving to Sydney and starting something totally new I also have a little anniversary to celebrate :)

When I started this little space last year in October I did not really know what exactly to write or to show and thought I just see how it goes....
And now it is so much fun to have this space to share images and bits of what I am doing or thinking or to go through the archive and seeing how seasons come and go...but also to read your wonderful comments and get inspirations of people who also share pictures, ideas ...or wonderful words

Of course I am sometimes wondering who might be all these people who stop by here.
So, if you want to say a little hi...I would be happy to read who you are and how you stumbled via this blog ... but just if you want to... : )

Here are also a few images of my first days in Sydney while walking through our neighbourhood, trying to get a bit of orientation on Sunday, and Surry Hills today. I stopped by the the pop-up-store of the Third Drawer Down and fall in love with this icelandic wool-blanket, oh my isn't it beautiful...

I am enjoying the blue sky I see right now when I look outside the window and hope Mr. Jetlag says goodbye very soon....

I hope you are well

Another day, another walk

The last days