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The last days

I love bread with cucumber
The field next to my parents house favorite berry
In my grandmothers garden
My grandmothers garden
in the garden
Our dog
A cup of tea
A cup of tea
In my aunties garden
In my aunties garden
My sister turned 17 today

I am back at my parents place since a couple of days and it feels really special ...
a bit like I moved back as all my stuff is now here and packed into shelves, closets or brought up to the attic...but also very much like I do things and see people the last time for a long time...It can be a weird feeling being in a farewell mood for a few weeks, sad because of goodbye hugs and chats but also really exciting when I think about everything which is waiting..
I am so glad that I could spend time with the people I care about so much...
and also do things at home I quiet like to do....

#1 enjoyed the fresh taste of a bread with butter and cucumber
#2 The wheat field right next to my parents house
#3 our neighbour is selling all sorts of berries and I love their blueberries. One day I couldn't help myself and ate one pound of them and also one pound of raspberries..Oh Summer!
#4/5/6 In my grandmothers garden...which is full of memories
#7 Our dog who likes to relax on the bench
#8/9 Some great green tea and a chat on a Summer evening
#10/11 In my auntie's garden
#12 My sister turned 17 today. We baked cakes for an afternoon tea this morning. There were some raspberries and blueberries involved : )

.....Next time when you read from me I will be in Sydney...

Take care

// Maria

I can't ever come back, If I never go
I don't ever explain, if I never know
I won't ever take it, if I never give
and if I never live, if I never live, if I never live...

100 and the first days

Goodbye Hamburg