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It's Summer

Friday night pasta
hmm, summer you are here
100 a
Dollhouse at the fleamarket
Dollhouse at the fleamarket

It is Summer here. It is beautiful. The city is so green and I love that you can bike home late in the evening without wearing a jacket, that you can still smell the warmth of the day and see that the sky doesn't really want to turn dark but wants to get a beautiful summer day again.

#1 started my weekend with some pasta
#2 got summer fruits at the markets
#3 went on a little bike-tour and stumbled over a couple house number signs
#4 and this little doll house at the flea market which furniture was just adorable
#5 sitting on the balcony enjoying the sun and the freshness of a kiwi
#6 going out to a nice pizza place with dear friends
#7 walking through the neighbourhood Altona
#8 smiling about the little guy on my friends old road bike
#9/10/11 waking up early in the morning, opening the door of the balcony and having breakfast
enjoying every bit of this day

How was your weekend?
I hope you could also enjoy the warmth of the sun and its beautiful light.


cakes and farewell

and I had Tuesday off too