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Going through some polaroids
Fremantle in March
Fremantle in March
Sydney - Grandma takes a tripIMG_3614
Fremantle in March
I was going through a bunch of polaroids and stumbled over those few I took in Australia in March. How crazy to imagine I will be there in a couple of weeks again.

There is so much to plan, think of and organize right now and it feels sometimes like being between two worlds ...
crossing things from my to-do-list and adding other things on it, selling stuff,
finding a flat in Sydney...arranging all sorts of other things...and also trying to see and hang out
with friends as much as possible before I go....

But I realize too, that sometimes you just can't plan everything and it is just maybe good to see how it goes...well, will see...

It is a nice quiet public holiday here...Which feels good to have in the middle of the week

A weekend

A quiet one