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Last pictures of April

Café Panter
Café Panter

While I am writing this I am sitting by my desk and look outside...the chestnut tree got its leaves and is so green again that I can hardly see the houses behind it, which seemed so close to my windows the whole winter. I am guarded by the tree again...which feels so much better...

I left work a bit earlier yesterday strolled a bit around the Schanze, a neighbourhood with nice cafés, bars and shops here....As it is a public holiday today I thought it would be nice to go there... I tried on a few pair of glasses in a glasses a new book at my favourite book store and also got this little anchor kerchief...I passed the photobooth and couldn't resist..I went to one of the most weird shops, I haven't been in for a while. You can hardly walk in there as this guy seems to collect everything..he has many old school maps too which are quiet nice...before I went home I had a nice green tea at one of my favourite cafès here...

A good way to start the weekend....

A wonderful 1st May to everyone...



Hamburg is for lovers I