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Sometimes you say a sentence or even just a single word and it is enough that
many things in your life are changing.
The little world you are living in suddenly shows all sorts of new ways.
Ways if people had asked me about them years ago I might have shaked my head ....
But in the last couple of weeks I had moments like this.
One of them has something to do with this little box you see in the picture :)
There have been many long-distance-flights in the last couple of years;
welcome hugs & sad farewell moments, long emails and letters, chats,
7 wonderful months living here in Hamburg together but also months of being 13.000km away from each other...
I will miss my friends, my family and Hamburg a lot. a lot.
But it feels so good that something will change now..

I quit my job and booked my flight this week and I will move to Sydney in the end of July.

I can't wait to start a life with the man I love.
To read next to each other in cafés, cook dinners & share our beloved Friday evenings together, talk till late in the night... just care for each other...

I thought I share those wonderful news with you.

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