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Cakes and pralines

the cafè
caramel sauce
baking the dough
adding the yoghurt-basil-mousse
adding the strawberry sauce
Strawberry-yoghurt-basil cake

A couple of months ago I got a voucher for a sewing class as a birthday gift from friends. The new courses are just about to start in June and I couldn't find a weekend so I had another idea how to use the voucher for:
A patisserie course at one of my favourite café Herr Max. : )

On Tuesday night at 8pm after the cafè has closed a couple of other women packed with aprons catched up there to check out the back of the cafè where they create all those wonderful cakes, tartes and pralines.
We learned lots of tricks and made the most wonderful joghurt-strawbery-basil cake, a caramel sauce and white chocolate pralines with a sugar-lemon or sugar-mint cover.
I can't wait to try out the recipes we got from them.

A lovely Thursday....get some cake and have a nice tea : )


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