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In the morning
At the Lead Award exhibition
At the Lead Award exhibition
Green tea
I made this bag for a friend
What the time?
Chocolate-Banana Cake made by a friend

Saturday and Sunday could definitely keep up with wonder with the sun being my companion most of the times....

#1 Went for a coffee with friends to Café Liebes Bisschen
#2/3 Started a little sewing project for a friend
#4 Got up early this morning and used the first time my new teapot...
#5/6...and catched up with a friend to go and see the Lead Award exhibition
#7 had a little snack...I do love crispbread
#8 and green tea with a bit of dark chocolate...
#9 finished the tote bag
#10 Thinking 'What time might it be in Australia right now'
#11 Got surprised by a friend who baked a banana-chocolate cake for tea

Oranges can brighten your day